“I am breathing, what a relief!”
“Is that you?”
“Yes, it is! Who did you think it was?”
“No idea. So many have come back a-knockin’ pretending they’re you.”
“Impostors! How could you not tell?”
“I guess hope that it’d be you was much stronger than reason.”
“Reason? What is that? What happened to just feeling?”
“I was numb to many things…”
“That’s no excuse! Did you even try to find me?”
“I did…”
“I kept looking in all the wrong places…”
“Did you again get locked in the nostalgia closet? What did I tell you about looking for me in the past?”
“That I shouldn’t?…”
“Exactly! I am in the here and now! And possibly in the future!”
“Now promise me you’ll never let me go again!”
“But I didn’t let you go, you left…”
“Did you even try to look for me in the present?”
“Then it is you who’s failed me. Now, do I have to ask again?”
“Thank you! You know… it felt lonely out there in the dark.”
“I can imagine…”
“You should take better care of your things. Of yourself. Of what you care about.”
“I know, but there’s just so many things, no time…”


“What was that for?
“Time is just a construct meant to make you feel constrained. Make it your own. Stop making up excuses!”
“That hurt…”
“I know. You needed that. Now, will you take me back? I feel so stupid for asking. It is you who should’ve come to me and asked that. But I am powerful enough to admit I’m nothing without you…”
“Yes! I will take you back with open arms. Thank you for giving me another chance. I don’t deserve it…”


“Yes you do, you idiot. I’ll always be here for you! Now stop wallowing and say you’re sorry!”
“I’m sorry…”
“Good! Now write this conversation down so you don’t forget it. Ever!”
“Yes! I’m gonna get right on it…”
“Perfect! Now tell me you love me.”
“I do!”
“I wanna hear it!”
“I love you!”
“Now write that down as well so you never forget it!”

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